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Do I need it?


All businesses must comply with a range of environmental legislation, in addition to those regulations covering health and safety. Company directors can also be held personally liable for any environmental incidents, so you can see why it's important to be aware of your responsibilities and any potential risks.


There's a range of environmental factors that your business may have to comply with, including waste disposal, pollution, hazardous substances, cleaning processes, packaging and materials.


In addition, complying with environmental legislation is becoming a major business benefit, with an increasing number of consumers, businesses and trading partners demanding to see evidence of a company's ‘green' credentials and responsible operating methods.


Once you recognise the particular threats to which your business may be exposed, you will be able to implement systems that will reduce your level of risk.


At CCI we have, with specialist partners, the expertise to deliver a comprehensive environmental planning assessment, whatever the type and size of your business.


What is it?


Environmental risk management will help to identify any areas of risk and highlight the issues you need to address. A thorough analysis of all your environmental processes, products and materials will be carried out. This will help you to comply with any legislation and recognise where you may be exposed to significant threat.


An Environmental risk management assessment is structured to provide you with a clear evaluation of your environmental arrangements by adopting the following process:

  • Evaluate your company's environmental  processes, products and materials
  • Determine the scale of risk
  • Identify the areas in most need of attention
  • Ensure you have the required remedial plans in place
  • Review the level of insurance cover


CCI and their specialist partners, have a wealth of experience in carrying out Environmental Risk Planning assessments. We understand that every business has different requirements, so we'll create a tailored solution that matches your situation.


If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you with Environmental Risk Management please contact a member of our team for an informal, friendly discussion.


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