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Disaster Recovery

Do I need it?


No one can prevent disasters or emergencies completely. However, with careful planning and preparation, it's possible to reduce their occurrence and mitigate their impact.

If you consider the effect on your business of any interruption then you'll appreciate that it makes sense to have structured plans in place so you can respond quickly and decisively.

Many businesses overlook the need for business continuity planning to their cost. The process of business continuity risk management looks at the potential risks to your business, from stock losses, equipment loss or damage, IT systems failure, data loss, impaired transport and communication links to damaged customer relationships.

No matter what the size of your business, and particularly if you're an SME, conducting a well-planned review and assessment of your business continuity arrangements will ensure that you're able to minimise any disruption to your trading activities.

At CCI we have, with specialist partners, the expertise to deliver a comprehensive disaster planning assessment, whatever the type and size of your business.


What is it?


Disaster planning is designed to make sure that you can carry on trading and alleviate any impact on your business as a result of any unforeseen incidents or accidents.


A business continuity risk assessment will identify potential weaknesses in your existing systems and work practices, and also determine the level of risk to which you're currently exposed. As part of the process a thorough review of your workplace, buildings and environment will be carried out to assess anything that could place your business at risk.

The assessment is structured to provide you with a clear evaluation of your business continuity arrangements by adopting the following process:

  • Evaluate your company's overall exposure to loss 
  • Determine the scale of risk
  • Identify the areas in most need of attention
  • Ensure you have the required remedial plans in place
  • Review the level of insurance cover


CCI and their specialist partners, have a wealth of experience in carrying out Disaster Recovery Planning assessments. We understand that every business has different requirements, so we'll create a tailored solution that matches your situation.


There are many sources from which you can obtain information in relation to Disater Recovery, such as:


Disaster Recovery Plan Management - www.disasterrecoverymanager.com


Loss Recovery Insurance Services - Lorega Ltd - www.lorega.com


If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you with Disaster Recovery (Business Continuity) Planning please contact a member of our team for an informal, friendly discussion.


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