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Engineering Insurance


Do I need it?


If you're involved in engineering, whether you're a fabricator or in full production, you'll be fully aware of the business risks in today's economic situation. Many companies have found to their cost that having had a loss they've been under insured and have paid a heavy price, often losing their business and livelihood entirely.


Not only that, but every business should be aware of all the risks that come with any type of equipment that they have at their business premises. You need to identify those pieces of equipment which have a statutory duty of inspection and which can have specific insurance covers arranged to provide added protection for the business - so you can see that this is an area where you'll need sound guidance and advice.


At CCI we have the expertise to provide the most effective insurance package for your needs, whatever the type and size of your business.


What is it?


As well as the provision of statutory inspections on items of equipment, this type of insurance can cover accidental damage to plant and equipment, such as: lifts, generators, boilers and air hoses, computer equipment, contract works cover, as well as cover for accidental damage to any adjacent property caused by plant explosion and so on.


A typical insurance policy may include:

  • Breakdown and explosion of plant and machinery
  • Breakdown business interruption


  • Sudden and unforeseen damage to:


     Computer equipment


  • Contract works
  • Hired-in plant
  • Movement of machinery
  • Stock deterioration


CCI has a wealth of experience in providing engineering insurance.


Please click on the links below to find out more about each insurance area:


As specialists in this field, we understand that every business has different requirements, so we'll create a tailored solution that matches your situation, and ensure that you only pay for the level of cover that you actually need.


If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you with Engineering Insurance please contact a member of our team for an informal, friendly discussion.



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