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Savings and Investments


Saving and investing is all about one thing: making your money work for you. Whilst some of us prefer the security and the rate of interest earned on a savings account, others want the potential for greater growth achieved through investment, although this could mean a greater degree of risk.


The term 'investments' covers many different products and options. Knowing what to put in your portfolio requires detailed knowledge and plenty of research.


You also need to factor in your 'attitude to risk', how long you want to invest for, and whether you want an income or capital growth. And don't forget the issue of tax. If you're interested in investing over the short or long term, looking for growth or income we're able to offer a wide range of solutions.


Please note that CCI Broking Limited are not authorised to provide investment advice but we can arrange for an Independent Financial Adviser to contact you to provide impartial advice in these areas.


If you'd like us to arrange for an Independent Financial Adviser to help you with your Savings and Investments please contact a member of our team.


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